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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Angel Workshop Post Notes

When several come together to achieve a similar outcome, the chances of this occurring are that much greater! The same is true for people gathering to meditate, pray, etc. The energy seems to vibrate that much higher and faster. It is a powerful thing and has been proven by quantum physicists to rule out coincidence.

We experienced this on Sunday during our Angel Workshop. Several had come out of curiosity, to further develop or to learn how to develop their intuitiveness. The outcome my mom, Jeanette, and I noticed over the years, is that everyone is able to do this work. In this more intimate setting of a few others, it was obvious the more people reading for another in the same space, raised the vibration of the environment. That goal was to listen to divine messages when asked a question by another. We have seen this before in our previous workshops. It is such fun for us to watch the unfolding of individual intuitive gifts among ourselves and especially others. Everyone has this ability and if one has a desire to enhance it, it most certainly can be done, if willing.

The group of ladies who participated were just wonderful. Everyone had positive energies and attitudes upon arriving and they seemed to leave feeling even lighter. At first some felt uncertain with what they were hearing, but after a little practice, the messages seemed to be flowing from person to person and everyone seemed happy with their many readings. The line of communication was wide open. A clearing and re-energizing meditation was done at the end of the workshop to refresh everyone, as this work can tend to be draining, especially if you are new to it.

After everyone left, the surrounding area was filled with a peaceful energetic presence that seemed to remain. Even today the space here is still buzzing with energy. My dogs were well aware of it that evening, as they continued to look around into the seemingly empty spaces around their bodies. After attempting sleep, I noticed little balls of light that seemed to dance about over my bed and an occasional knocking noise coming from the bathroom (which sounded like the opening & closing of cabinet doors & drawers), as all the animals were peacefully sleeping. Sure I was a little unnerved by the noises, but the feeling of peace & safety was surrounding me. I couldn't help but associate them together. I have had many similar experiences in the past. I am convinced that at times it was the fairies playing their little fairy games. If you know fairies, you have had your own encounters with their playfulness, as they love games & mischief. For those of you reading who are skeptical or completely against the existence of such beings, go ahead and say aloud how you don't believe in them and how preposterous the existence of fairies is. You will manifest some interesting situations for yourself and don't be surprised if your keys go missing while you're running late for work or something even more frustrating. There is a saying which says, "Don't Piss Off the Fairies!" It's true. You've been warned :). Back to the topic of the energy, raising the vibration can definitely attract interesting and delightful activity.

Many thanks to those who attended and participated in the Angel Workshop. If you have time, we would love your feedback posted here. We will be sure to update you via email when our next workshops take place. If you live in the area and you would like to be on the mailing list, please send me a private message on this site with your email address & mailing requests.

Peace, love & hugs to all,

Jill & Jeanette

Jill & Jeanette are spiritual intuitive women who are available for readings in person, via phone or email. Please send a personal message on this site to request further information.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crash of the Hummer

This is slightly off the subject of my posts, however, I love hummingbirds, and perhaps I manifested this connection.

Typing an e-mail on my laptop, while sitting in breakfast nook area of my kitchen, I heard a thud on the window. I knew instantly it must have been a bird. I looked up and saw to my right a male hummingbird hovering in front of my view, through the window. After we made eye contact, he darted off. I went outside to make sure he was, indeed, the poor being who crashed into the window. He was not. There on the deck lay a beautiful little creature on his back, wings spread and breathing ever so quickly. It was a male hummingbird. I picked him up as gently as possible and held him in my hands as tears filled my eyes.

What could I do to assist this small soul who may be dying in my hands? I called in Reiki immediately. This little wonder, with his feet curled up, rested his long little beak on my left thumb as I held him supported him in my left palm. I cupped my hand like a book, yet I didn't enclose him to allow the Reiki energy to flow through. I could feel some heat generating quite quickly and I peeked at him occasionally as he blinked his lashed eyes into a half-mast state. He was either enjoying the energy or he was going into shock of the whole ordeal. Being so tiny I can only imagine what he might be thinking as this huge being picks him up and elevates him. At least 10 minutes later, this feathered little creature slowly became more alert as he stretched his neck upward and checked his surroundings, here & there, past my fingertips,. His tiny tongue was sticking out about 1/8" and with my pinky finger, I gently tapped it to encourage him to move his beak to help him become more oriented. Eventually after becoming more alert he started to swallow hard a few times and pulled his tongue back while opening his beak several times, as if adjusting his little jaw in place. His little feet flattened out to support his body now and he stood up a little taller. His consciousness was more present and it was evident as he poked his delicate beak between the crease of my thumb and my palm several times, as he would do seeking nectar from a flower. After absolutely adoring this little being a little longer, his body lengthened as if a chord connected him again to the sky and he flew directly into my face, missing it by fractions of an inch and made a sharp left to the homemade nectar hanging nearby. He sat hunkered down for a while just drinking. Two other males flew by chasing each other, establishing territories and while this revived hummer continued to drink. Not more than a minute later one male came back and chased off this re-energized little guy and they both disappeared. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this little creature's healing and to have spent those precious 10 minutes or so with him in the palm of my hand. What a joy and such an honor!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Manifesting: Are We Paying Attention?

M45 - Pleiades,star clust. in constell. TAURUS with many BROWN dwarf suns in it.!
Most of us have heard the story of the farmer in a flood where the river is rising and he states to the two passing boats and the helicopter that go by to help him, that he "puts his trust in God." The farmer ends up drowning and he asks God why He let him down. His response to the farmer, “What do you mean, let you down? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!!!” Are you paying attention to your signs?

Many of you have been working on manifesting what you desire most in your life right now. But, have you been listening to the messages that you have been receiving or seeing the signs? To me God is the Universe, and I use these terms sometimes interchangeably, because we are all one. We are all connected, energetically. We are one with God and the Universe.

The Universe sends us signals, signs or ah-ha’s all of the time. But if we aren’t looking or we are expecting things to be a certain way, then we might be missing something.

When we are working on creating what we desire, it begins as a thought. For example, we want something to happen like a new job. If we sit and just think the thought without doing anything about it, nothing will happen. We can fester for months about how we dislike where we are or how a new company might be better. However, when we start to put action into our thoughts such as refreshing our resume, scheduling interviews, the energy begins to change. You are sending out a signal to the Universe that you are serious about what you are thinking. This is positive energy flow and the Universe has to respond.

Now, if you are in fact interviewing for a new company and you have been specific about the type of position you desire, pay, hours, vacation time, description, you are then on your way to receiving symbols from the Universe of what action you need to take next. If someone calls you for an interview, you might want to check it out. You will find that the more energy you put into visualizing this “end result,” the closer you will be to it. On the other hand, if you sit back and think that someone is just going to come along and offer you a great job without any action on your part, you are going to be waiting for a long time. You don’t want to end up like the farmer in the flood.

It’s important I mention the effects of negative thinking. Thinking that you might not get the position at that great company could tell the Universe that you aren’t ready for it. Worry creates negative energy that the Universe interprets as fear. Fear is what keeps us from our success. The Universe responds to us despite what we are asking, positive or negative thought process. In another instance, if debt is what you are concerned about and you want to be out of debt, but what you focus on is just that, “debt, “ then you will remain there. This is true because the Universe is answering your thoughts. You may be thinking about how you would love to win the lottery, have more money, etc. However, if the majority of your thoughts ruminate on lack and scarcity, this will only bring you exactly what you are essentially asking of the Universe by your thoughts. Obsessing about what to think about isn’t the goal here either. Watch your thoughts. We are in so many habits and our thoughts tend to be on auto-pilot and they might need some retraining. Affirmations could help here. Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer have some great books on affirmations to help you if you need assistance in changing your thought patterns.

Visualizing is so important for manifesting to work its magic. It only need take 5 minutes of your day. Sit and imagine yourself sitting at your new desk, doing the job you desire. If it’s not at a desk, where is it? What are you wearing? What types of job tasks are you performing? What are the smells in the environment around you? Who do you work with? How do they treat you? Close your eyes and visualize every detail that you can think of. Write them down and refer to them periodically throughout your day. If you have not worked with vision boards before or would like to learn more, Mike Dooley is all about The Universe and its wonderful abundance for everyone! Also, see video below for more creative ideas. Malcolm will get you motivated!

While you are manifesting your perfect career, car, house, bank account, etc, be happy with where you are now in your life. If you are unhappy with your job now, showing up for an interview with negative thoughts of your current position will emanate to your potential employer, whether you want it to or not. Try to find the positive in every thing that you are looking forward to now! What you dream of now, is right here in front of you. Live your life as if you have what you desire now. Feel the joy now! Be alive now! Don’t wait for the joy to begin “when I get the job” or “when I finally get that new car” or “when I hit the lottery.” Enjoy life as it is now or you are really missing out on some good stuff. Why waste time on negative energy anyway? It takes more effort to be in a negative mindset than it does to just be positive and go with the flow.

The more time you spend in the positive aspects of your dreams, they are bound to come true. The negative time and worry you put into them will only take away your hard work of moving your dreams closer to you. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can begin to create in your daily life. You may have whatever it is you desire: Happiness, health, love, peace, or that hot new sports car you have your eye on. No matter what it is, you can have it. Just believe that you can, ask for it and visualize it being here now. Be ready for the responses you will receive from the Universe, because you will have them once you put your dream into some sort of action, even if it is just in the form of visualizing to start. You will begin to see and feel things change. It will be a domino effect, as you act on one sign; another may appear, and so on. So get going, create that vision board, or vision slide show. Don’t let those dreams stay as dreams, bring them into the present. Embrace the excitement of having it all, because you can! You deserve it, no matter what, you deserve it!

Coming soon: Why you deserve wealth and goodness, Angels among us and Your Uniqueness.

Love, light & laughter,

Jill Haas RN, BSN
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Professional Life CoachAngel Therapy Practitioner®, Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD.
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Are You Living Your True Self?

Beginning this blog was seemingly difficult as there are so many subjects I have to share. However, something happened today. I received an unknown Christmas card. Upon opening it, I had no idea who it was from, as the return address and name did not ring any bells. I figured the answer would become clear soon enough and it did. I was made aware of a dear friend’s passing from this earth. His daughter had written a reply to my card to him for the holidays. I was compelled to write about him first because of what joy he brought to our home in the little time he spent here. He was like an angel, paying us a special visit.

George is of whom I am telling this story. I first met George as one of my patients while doing home care nursing. He was a very sweet person with a gentle nature. His home had many interesting crystals, rocks and minerals in it – everywhere! I commented on the vast array and we struck up a bond immediately. I saw him often due to his nursing needs at the time that eventually ended and he was discharged from the agency. During one of our chats at his home, I asked him if he was aware of crystal’s healing properties. He said he had contemplated it at a time, but was more scientific about it in the past. He expressed being more open to learning about it now. I loaned him a book on crystals and he was eager to learn more. On the day I discharged him from the agency he gave me a gift, a beautiful quartz crystal. He gave it to me knowing my interests in healing with crystals. I cherish this crystal. It is in my meditation room. Its main purpose is to absorb any negative energy that enters the room.

Later, I had gone on a long weekend conference to learn more about myself and my abilities that I wanted to share with the world. This too George was anxious to learn more. He and I kept in touch via an e-mail here and there, very brief. He would let me know of upcoming events with his “rock-hound friends” as he called them. I would occasionally run into him at the local grocery store and we’d chat for a few minutes. He always had a nice positive energy around him – never bitter or angry. Life was good for him. I could see it written all over his face.

In July 2007, we had our first big party at our home and I had decided to invite George and a guest. He gleefully replied and showed up bearing gifts and smiles. He had a camera around his neck and asked permission to snap some candid shots. He was having a ball. There were two toddler girls there that he took a liking to and called them his favorite “party girls.” George and his guest were elegant and polite. I think they may have enjoyed the party more than anyone else. The party was a mix of friends and family, a large group. I mention this because everyone at the party knew my husband and I very well. George only knew me through being my patient and our intermittent conversations. His true self was shining through. He was the most grateful guest I had ever had come to my home, ever! He thanked my husband and I countless times for inviting him to our party and allowing him to enjoy himself. I was grateful for George coming to my home because he showed me how to live life even better that day. George was living in the moment – each and every one of them. He was savoring each second and not wasting time on the list of “to-do’s” that might be waiting at home or what the people that didn’t know him might be thinking. Nope! George just gracefully carried himself about like a sweet and gentle angel. He mingled with everyone and everyone accepted him and mingled back. I have to say he was my guest of honor, but I didn’t know it until that evening when I was talking about how grateful he and his guest were after they had gone home.

George passed away in August, shortly after our party. He was living life to its fullest until he left this earth. I believe that George may have known of his upcoming transition, but I don’t believe that was the reason for his enjoyment of life. I had seen George’s attitude maintain the same beautiful energy for the 16 months I had known him.

Although I did not know George in the manner as good friends know one another, I knew George. And yes, I consider him to be a dear friend. He was a beacon of light, shining for all to see, drawing those distant from him closer. He was a generous soul with much love to give. He was gentle and kind with a heart of gold. Not only was he compassionate toward the people he loved and cared for, but also about the animals that surrounded his country home. I am grateful to have had the moments I did to get to know George personally. His light and love for life was apparent. I am sure George is spreading his wealth of love and illuminating the heavens as I write this for you. Perhaps George was not always this way, but he was showing who he really was and desired to be. His true self!

I encourage all of you reading this today to be your true self. Not just today, but every day – like George. Live in every moment – savor life! We are here to enjoy life, not to struggle and strain. Pushing only makes it harder. Let things flow and they will be so much easier. As 2008 is almost here, celebrate you and your accomplishments. Let’s not waste time on what we “wanted to do” or “failed to do.” Nobody failed! It is all in divine timing.

Look into your heart and allow yourself to radiate who you really are! Go ahead, don’t be shy! We want to see it. The truth is, the more you show your true self, the more others around you will feel comfortable doing it too!

Happy New Year to all!

Peace, love & light,

Jill Haas RN, BSN

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Professional Life Coach
Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD.
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